LunchBAG Blog- Frantic art in the morning on the kids' lunchbags

Two Hip

Obligatory Parent and Child animal ;)

Election Day Aftermath


Unicorn Pony

Rainbow Unicorn to the Rescue

Cheshire Cat

Scene reminds me of Jungle Book Python for some reason.

Garden Warfare

Who but Plants can stand against Zombies


Which Cat ;)


The leaves are starting to turn.

Ti-Double G-RR

The wonderful thing about Tiggers is...

Zebra and Kiddo

Not bleeding...wash got away from me.

Firey Guy

Too much....


Where's the dog from Up?

American Horror Story

Season 6 Poster

Samurai Jack


Secret Life of Pets Bunny

SnowBall...Kevin Hart

Power Puff Daddy


Cave Man Sponge Bob


Giraffe and Babe


Snow Dude Baggage

Frosty with photobomb by Olaf.

Charlie Brown Tree Baggage

Where are the new holiday classics?

Yukon Cornelius Baggage

The original stop motion action hero!

Flower Baggage

Target carries 'white' lunch bags! Experimentation time!

Happy Thanksgiving Baggage

So much to be thankful for.

Catwoman Baggage

Arkham Knight is still kicking butt for Jackie.

Inside Out Baggage

One of my favorite Pixar movies. Great job showing kids (and adults) there is hope after life's changes.

Fall Leaves Baggage

No snow so far!

Dark Knight Baggage

Jackie is loving the Dark Knight Game. Amazing graphics and gameplay.

"I Got a Rock!" Baggage

I think we've all been there....

Back to the Future Baggage

Former students and good friends, Chris and Ashley married today....

Ghost Buster Baggage

Who you gonna call....

Nightmare Before Christmas Baggage

Characters and set designs are pretty amazing....

Tangled Baggage

Great mix of 3D animation with 2D principles....

Glass Slipper Baggage

Better than expected.......

Great Pumpkin Baggage

The Great Pumpkin is upon us....

Snoopy and the Red Baron

The Great Pumpkin is almost upon us baggage....

Wonkavision Baggage

Nothing beats the original movie....

Platypus Baggage

The writing in this show is excellent....

The king of the jungle baggage

The only way to bag a lion....